Floor Obsession

Ken “Shoryuken” Inoue


Hometown/Places you rep:
Long Island, New York and Tokyo, Japan

How would you describe your style?

Favorite b-boy/b-girls:
Ryuji, Hide, Kaku, Toshiki, Saiba, Zero Wing, Dragon, The End, Bruce Lee, Ken Swift, Storm, Ivan, Chino, Mach 3, Napalm, Pete Nasty

Other random talents/skills:
Studio Art, Graphic Design

What is your favorite breakin event?
B-1 Saikyo Championship, R16, Battle of the Year, Evolution

Why did you start breakin’?
“So I downloaded my first breakdance battle clip, Iron Monkey vs. Ivan, now that’s what made me want to start. I couldn’t decide for the first few years whether I should focus on both footwork and power or just power.

What made me want to become a powerhead? I was inspired by Korean and Japanese powermovers. Korean with the clean power, and Japanese with the creative power and speed. Feels nice to fly around right haha. It’s also very challenging and fun to work on those powermoves. Every session is a challenge, even though I slacked off for the first half of my b-boy experience haha.”

What is your greatest achievement in breakin’?
“Throwing airflare 1.5 (warp) on marble floor at Stony Brook haha.”

What are some future aspirations?
“My main goal is to succeed as a graphic designer. Second, to expand f.ob wear and make Floor Obsession an entertainment company.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Tokyo, Australia, Seoul, Taiwan, Hawaii

Shout outs to my crew, family, wife, friends, and ILL CONCVD in Japan!

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