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Breaking In Sync: Choreographed Pieces of Bboys

Breaking in the choreographed form is amazing to watch. The levels, explosive tricks, and intricate movement of a Bboy is one to admire. It takes a lot of dedication for dancers to be talented and trained at both freestyle and choreography. Highlighted today are just three videos that was captivating because of the amazing teamwork and/or choreography. Also, it displayed a high level of difficulty that is shown through the median of Bboying.

The first clip comes from the competition, Body Rock. Although the whole show is not of breaking, you can check out Villn, a well-known California Bboy, along with a couple of other bboys do a very cool routine at 3:47 and at 5:25.

Kinjaz | Body Rock 2014

Film coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Body Rock 2014 presented by A Mustard Seed Production The Rock Church Auditorium 6.14.14

Just LOVE the character in this piece. This occurred at Vibe XIX 2014 where this team was able to place which is an amazing achievement with all the other teams being just as good. Bonus points because they are a full Bboy crew!

Akashi Breakers [3rd Place] | Vibe XIX 2014 [Official]

Akashi Breakers [3rd Place] Film coverage by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Vibe XIX 2014 partnered by Culture Shock LA Segerstrom Hall 1.12.14

Last but certainly not least is SamO with his class taught at Broadway Dance Center for the Urban Dance League. Enjoyed this a lot because this definitely goes against the stereotype that Bboys do not dance and are mostly about acrobatic techniques. Samo is just showing one aspect of the dance (Toprock, which is the movements you do up top) and is making this class look definitely advanced and structured. Great to see the student dancers in the back are not strict bboy/bgirls but just are dancers in general.

SamO | Outkast – Ghetto Musick | UDL

Top Rock choreo class for Urban Dance League at Broadway Dance Center.
Music by: Outkast – Ghetto Musick



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