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Being ILL: Inspired by the Ill Abilities Crew

If you are one who keeps up with competitive breaking and all the world class teams, and you don’t know Ill Abilities Crew, I think it is time you did. With an all-star lineup that composes of Redo, Checho, Tommy Guns, Kujo and Lazylegz it already sounds like a good battle squad. Although this crew does not usually battle on the big stages, since they are busy with inspiring and motivating people of all ages around the world. Each member has their own unique physically disability and overcame it.

“We believe that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want. When obstacles come along, you are the one to overcome them and you are the one to take the first steps. The biggest limitation, or obstacle, in life is the mind. When you set your mind to achieving your goals, you can find a way to get there.”  – Ill-Abilities Crew

Check out their promo video and get a taste of what they are about:

ill – Breaking the Stigma

One of my favorite bboys would be Tommy Guns of the Renegades crew. Even without one leg, he is still so able to move so nimbly as well some nasty footwork. Check him out killing his judge showcase at 4:11.

Raw Skool Jam 2013 judge move

“If you have a dream, and you stop making excuses for yourself as to why you cannot or should not pursue your dream or your passion, there are no limits to what you can achieve.” – Kujo

Ill – No time like the present

You can find out more about the crew or book them through their site at http://illabilities.com/


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