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Bring Back the “Powermove Hero”

With competitions like R16 and Redbull BC One, a shift of focus has been placed on being an overall dancer. The word “specialist” is thrown around for someone who generally specializes in one area of Breaking and is claimed to be able to win in the R16 Solo Battles. Although with a 5 category judging panel, it is possible but extremely hard. Even within the R16 Crew battles, the power mover is set out after a crew routine to make sure they are able to score on all categories. Although hope is not lost for this generation because we do have some leading dancers we can take inspiration from. Bring back the “Powermove Hero” because that is one aspect of breaking I sure do miss. It’s like watching a sports team missing one of the positions, the game would not be the same.

Bboy Punisher has been one of the best Powermovers in Breaking History. He brought the “real” one handed airflare to light and has been one stubborn guy with his breaking style, and I love it! He breaks the way he wants to because he fully dances for himself. Listen to his mantra in this interview by Quebec Bboys: “It’s true that, for me, the powermoves bring me closer to freedom and performance. It’s just who I am.” – Punisher

Entrevue de BBoy Punisher / BBoy Punisher’s Interview

Quebec Bboys

Watch his killer round here:

Bboy punisher 2014

Check out .stance’s battle of C-Lil, one of this generation’s new powermovers at R16. Even though he did lose this battle, this battle is definitely a controversial one that showed the difficulty of a powermover to win battles judged by R16 system.

C-Lil vs Vision // R16 Korea World Finals 2014 // Top 16

C-Lil (Laos) vs Vision (China)
winner: Vision
R16 Korea World Finals


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