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Young Talent: Bright future for Breaking

With Breaking reaching to all areas of the world, amazing Bboys are teaching kids of all ages. Showcased below are just six young dancers that went above and beyond and really engrossed themselves in the dance. They all have reached superhuman potential, even before hitting the age of 12.

Cover Image comes from Stefani Sarah

First two kids come from Japan, in the amazing exhibition battle between these two and Korean representatives Little Tigers. Although unevenly matched, the Little Tigers did an amazing job and embody what kids who have been taking dance class for 1-4 years would look like. Shigekix and Shosei are able to show what incredible lengths they have made with their skills in this battle.

Shigekix & Shosei – Japan

Amazing kids!
All under age 11 & under Japan vs Korea kids exhibition battle.

Sonek embodies what the strength of what Brazil has, pure power moves. At 9 years old, he destroyed the world record for the most flares with 71. Can’t wait to see this kid in the future!

Sonek – Brazil

I’m a little bias since this one hails from the U.S. of A. Master Mace from the Furious Styles Crew, at the age of 10 has style, power and finesse. His younger brother is also an amazing Bboy. I guess that Bboy runs deep in their blood.

Master Mace – USA

Both come from the same dance school in Ukraine, and were able to meet each other in the final of the Kids battle at Burn Battle School 2014. They go at each other in this battle with the look and experience of a veteran. Throwing combo after combo while still trying to be one with the music, this is not a normal mindset for a 10 year old.

Killa & Dream Tim

Burn Battle School 2014 1on1 Kidz Battle (Final):
Killa (Zverinders) vs Dream Tim (Zverinders)
Winner: Killa (Zverinders)

With all this talent and potential out there already, I can’t wait to see the level of Bboying will be at in the next couple of years!


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