Floor Obsession

Rhythmic Damage IX Recap: 1on1s and Crew Battle

On November 15th, 2014 marked Rhythmic Damage’s 9th event. This jam has been an icon in the Philadelphia and even the North East scene for throwing a dope Bboy event by an university. This goes to show anyone can add a positive influence to their community if they tried and Freaks of The Beat (UPenn’s Breaking Club) has proven that for 9 years and counting.

Floor Obsession has definitely been to at least 4-5 of these events, and one of our own members, Sunny, is even Freaks of The Beat Alumni! This year, two of our members were luckily invited into the Invite Only 1on1 competition. Some heavy hitters that were also invited were Funt (Illusion of Exist) and Kid Cruz (Bedtime Monsters).

We were able to battle in the crew battle as well with a full Floor Obsession squad (Gin, Randii, Potter, and Chachi).

Check out the 1on1 battles with Potter making into the Semifinals landing him $100 courtesy of Silverback Bboy Events / UDEF Tour.

Floor Obsession versus Floor Obsession
Randii Vs Potter

Funt Vs Potter

Floor Obsession Vs The Titanz

Also, JuManji was able to rep his other crew, Inglorious Basterdz, by teaming up with the Titanz to make Inglorious Titanz. They did a great job battling and definitely made some noise by taking on another amazing super crew, Clique of The Beast (The Clique + Beast Coast.)

Clique of The Beast Vs Inglorious Titanz

Thanks again to BNC (Bboy Network Channel) for the footage and always recording.

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