Floor Obsession Crew was first created back in 2004, where it was formed as a temporary collaborative to perform for the Opaline Showcase. This temporary group soon became a permanent institution as the original members added to their ranks and continued to participate in the United States breaking scene under the Floor Obsession name. Floor Obsession is currently  in its 4th generation represented by 6 active members, and the crew has established itself as one of the premier breaking crews in New York City. The creativity and distinctive style of each dancer in Floor Obsession Crew is helping write a new chapter in the city’s rich breaking history.

Aside from their passion for breaking, the dancers of Floor Obsession also have diverse interests outside of dance. Floor Obsession members are actively participating in many fields, including stunt work, educational technology, video game design, modeling, nursing, systems security, research in psychology, and graphic design. In addition, the younger members of the crew are pursuing their college degrees.

See Floor Obsession’s latest videos and updates on our Facebook page.

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