Floor Obsession

Jason “Chemistry” Ng


I started breaking during the end of 2003. When I was in High school, I became interested in breaking because of my lack of hobbies, and I thought to myself, “Hey, breaking would be such a great way to get girls’ attention.” Although that was my mindset when I first started, it quickly changed to something more meaningful.

My b-boy style is a little bit of everything. It has the old school/new school foundation, tricks, power, footwork, flow, energy, and blow-ups. I would say what makes me stand out is also the attitude I bring onto the dance floor.

One of my greatest achievements in breaking was attending Battle of the Year USA Preliminaries in 2005 and making it passed showcase round which allowed us to battle. Then, there’s also winning Kings of New York 2008.

My future aspirations are graduating college with a business degree as a back-up plan if anything were to happen to my dance career, traveling by getting flown out and sponsored to compete and judge, making a name for myself, working in the entertainment industry and achieving great success in my dancing.

Shout outs to my fans, friends, family, and most of all, my crew FLOOR OBSESSION!

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