Floor Obsession

France Travels, Break the Floor Recap!

March has been a great month with Floor Obsession traveling outside the states for their First International Jams!

Their First stop was Battle Best of the Best, in Mulhouse France. It was a great experience to see a France event and the level of production put into it. Bgirl Sunny was able to battle through the prelims to get into the two last spots in the International Bgirl Battle. She then ended up battle Bgirl Kate from Ukraine and in a very tough battle ended up losing. Kate ended on going to win the whole jam.

Next we visited Basel, Switzerland and met up with Janick from the Ruff n X crew! We had a chill day and able to break with alot of the Basel City Breakers. We also met legendary Tuff Kid and Jay Rock! What a beautiful city to top off everything.

Next stop, we traveled to Paris for Pleasure. Thanks to Faboo from Chassuer de Prime for housing us! We were able to visit a lot of the tourist spots and practice at Cent Quatre (104), an amazing art center where artists/dancers can come and hone their craft from 12-7PM for free.

Now, our main for traveling to France was for Break the Floor! Break the Floor is a huge prestigious event that has been going on for 8 years. It is sponsored by the Cannes Tourism Organization as well as Smart Car and Redbull. We are proud as a crew that we were able to do such an event. Even though we didn’t win our battle, we felt we did our best and regret nothing!

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