Floor Obsession

Floor Obsession Becomes Viral for Beastie Boys ‘MCA Day’!

On Friday, May 2nd, Floor Obsession teamed up with advertising agency Knarf and the PMT Dance Studio to bring something special for the 3rd annual MCA Day.

Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch was most well known for being apart of the Beastie Boys group. He passed away 3 years ago after a three year long battle against cancer.

In memorial, the agency wanted to bring together something to remember Yauch by which they came up with the idea to bring two things that Adam cared about dearly together, Buddhism and Hip Hop/Bboys.

Check out Franklin “Gin” Chen and Jason “Chem” Ng along with two other fellow Bboys, Stephen Pyo and Erich Reyes rip it up to the hit Beastie Boys song, Ch-Check it out.


The Video ended up being viral due to many online news sources and hit over a million plays on Vimeo in a couple of days.

MCA day stats

Too Cool!

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